About The Open Web Learning Institute

The Open Web Learning Institute was established to analyze and define job roles for the web market and to develop and run a globally recognized education and certification program for Web Professionals, that is open to everyone.

Our Institute is entirely independent. We are not affiliated to any public authority or company. We are here to serve our students and affiliates and the web industry at large. Our Education and Certification Program is comprehensive, open to everyone, always up to date and globally recognized. We build vendor-neutral certifications that show employers you have the right skills for the job and help you succeed in the web industry.

The Institute is run by a group of experienced and dedicated Web Professionals that have been in the Web Industry since the early stages of the web in the 1990s. Our core team has been operating one of the leading web academies in Germany since 1998 with thousends of learners who became webmasters, web developers, web designers, web administrators and online marketing managers. Our headquarters are in the city of Nuremberg, Germany.


Our mission is simply to offer the best and most affordable globally acknowledged Education and Certification program for Web Professionals.

Our curriculum closely considers the current requirements of the employment market and the needs of practicing Web Professionals. It provides a systematic, straight-forward way to get qualified for a better job — and a better life!

We are striving to offer a very affordable, modular, flexible, accessible and up to date online education program for aspiring Web Professionals all over the world.