Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main aims of the OWL Institute?

Our aim is to support aspiring web professionals in getting the skills they need to succeed on the web market and to foster professional standards.

How can I contribute?

There are multiple options for you to contribute to our endeavors of developing the best education and certification program for web professionals:

Why do web professionals even need an independent education and certification program?

Web technologies and economic conditions of the internet market are evolving and changing very rapidly. This makes it necessary for an educational program to be adjusted and advanced continuously and quickly in order to stay current and meet the requirements of the job market.

Traditional educational institutions typically cannot cope with those special conditions. For most of them, the development and advancement of a curriculum for a web professional education is too expensive as it requires a regular analysis of the job market and a need to bring together many different practicing experts of various fields that are typically not on staff of the organization.

As a result, curricula in the web field are often hopelessly out of date and students learn obsolete techniques. Not only is this a tremendous waste of time for the students but also poses a serious problem to employers and contractors.

OWL steps up to the plate and is dedicated exclusively to developing a high-end curriculum and certification program to be used by educational institutions and self-learners alike.

What are the benefits of OWL Web Professional Certifications?

With an OWL certification you can demonstrate your professional skills and your dedication to continuous learning to potential employers, contractors or to your own customers.

You can work more efficiently and build solutions of higher quality when applying the knowledge acquired in our education and certification program. As a member of our community we help you to stay up to date and not to overlook important innovations and developments in the web market, so that you maintain your competitive edge.

Where can I take the exams?

Our Certification exams are delivered over the web and may be taken at home or at your work place using our safe exam client software. Additionally, we work on establishing a global test center network, where proctored exams can be administered.

Do OWL certifications expire?

Our Proficiency Certificates are – on average - valid for three years. They have an expiry date printed on the certificate.

How can I as a potential employer verify the certification status of an applicant?

Prospective employers or others may simply verify the certification status on our Certificate Verification Page.