How Does OWL Work?

An OWL Course Consists Of …


Several Classes

Every class holds a variety of methods to achieve the best learning effect. Check the details in the table below.

Method You Your tutor
Reading … read the essential content for this class. … is ready to answer all your questions.
Exercises … consolidate the content through exercises. … is ready to answer all your questions.
Assignments … deepen the topic through more complex assignments. … gives you a detailed feedback on every assignment.
Knowledge Questions … test your knowledge by answering the questions. … is ready to help you.
Quizzes … test your knowledge by taking the quiz an get automated results. … is ready to help you if you still need him oder her ;-)
Final Exam

The Final Exam

Once you’ve finished all classes of a course, you can proceed to the final exam. Check the details in the table below.

Method You Your tutor
Theory: Multiple choice test … answer about 50 exam questions online via the OWL Exam Client. The answers cover the content of the entire course. … can’t help you here, sorry.
Practice: A complex practical project

… work on an extensive project. The project might include for example:

  • to develop a website
  • to design a website
  • to describe a social media marketing strategy
It’s your project! Your tutor won’t do it for you. But he or she will answer general questions.

The OWL Certificate


Method You Your tutor
OWL certificate … get the certificate, upload it on your LinkedIn profile, share it in your social networks, are happy and party! … pats you on the back and says “Well done”.