JavaScript Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of modern JavaScript and DOM (Document Object Model) programming

JavaScript Fundamentals

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JavaScript is THE programming language of the web. Complex web applications today would be inconceivable without JavaScript. JavaScript enhances HTML and CSS with interactivity and dynamics. Online shops, content management systems, auction platforms, online communities, etc. - all profit from immediate feedback - without reloading.

In the first part of the course you will learn the latest JavaScript standard: ECMAScript 2017. Step by step you will learn the core of the JavaScript language and its application to everyday programming. In addition to implementing some requirements of a web shop, you mix cocktails with arrays, become a wallpaper designer with recursion, and fight "the dark side of JavaScript". This way, you'll learn how to write JavaScript code that not only works, but you can be proud of.

In the second class you'll use JavaScript to extend your HTML pages. You will learn how to gain complete control over HTML and CSS using standard functions only - without any libraries (e. g. jQuery).

What will I learn?

You will aquire a deep understanding of modern JavaScript language concepts and how to work with JavaScript in the browser. A solid foundation of the JavaScript core language allows you to quickly learn advanced JavaScript libraries later on. You will also be confident enough to correct any errors that require a profound understanding of the language.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to enhance static html pages with interactive elements such as sliders, dynamic menus, advanced selection and controls. 

You can also improve your website's usability or make web pages the visual eye-catcher that your users and customers appreciate.


JavaScript: The First Step is the Easiest

JavaScript: The First Step is the Easiest

True to the motto The First Step is the Easiest you won't need any prior knowledge to work with this class; all you need to get going is a web browser. So just start! Step by step, you will learn the core of the JavaScript language and how to apply it in everyday programming. You will develop parts of a web shop, mix cocktails with arrays, design wallpapers using recursion, and fight the "dark side of JavaScript". You will learn how to write JavaScript code that not only works, but that you can be proud of.

JavaScript: Manipulating HTML With Ease

JavaScript: Manipulating HTML With Ease

The manipulation of HTML & CSS remains the most important task of JavaScript in the browser. In this class you will learn how to make web pages more dynamic and expand them with interactive elements. You will learn how to create web applications that feel smooth and are easy to use - all by writing very concise and understandable code with pure JavaScript. 




This online test consists of 20 questions that must be answered within 40 minutes.
You must answer 57% of the questions correctly to pass the test.

If you haven't passed your online test or you like to improve your result you may retake the test.
You can retake the test as often as you want and there is no cooling-off period.
Retaking the test is only possible until the Certificate of Proficiency has been issued.

The examination fee for retakes is 99.00 €.

Final Project

Final Project

The final project is part of the certification exam to obtain the OWL Certificate of Proficiency in JavaScript Fundamentals.

In the project, you will show what you have learned in the course. Based on an exact project specification, you will create a a sliding puzzle as a web application using the technologies that you have learned in the course. After you have submitted your project, OWL examiners will evaluate it and you will receive a comprehensive feedback on your work.

Exam and Certificate

The Certificate of Proficiency in JavaScript Fundamentals certifies that you have profound skills on a professional level. The OWL Institute's Certificates are recognized by employers all over the world.

The examination consists of two parts: an automated online test that can be taken from any place with a stable internet connection and a final project that is graded by OWL examiners. You must pass the online test first to qualify for the final project.

Upon successful completion of both parts of the exam you receive your Certificate of Proficiency.

What will I get?

When you register for this course, you will be taken to your personal learning interface, where you will find all the learning materials. Your online tutors will be at your disposal for questions and problems of any kind. They will guide you on your way through the course by providing personal support. On the basis of many exercises, online quizzes and assignments, you will develop your practical skills. The course concludes with a theoretical test (multiple choice) and a practical final project, which is evaluated by our examiners. You will receive detailed feedback on your final project.


Profound computer skills (Windows or Mac) and advanced Internet user skills are recommended to participate in this course. No previous programming knowledge required!


The total estimated average workload of this course including preparation and completion of the exam is 180 hours. Your actual workload depends on many things such as your personal learning curve and your previous knowledge and experience.

Use the slider to check how long this course will approximately take depending on your weekly study time. In your personal course you study at your own pace: You can accelerate or slow down your course event as needed.


10 hours per week
Your course will end on 06.04.2021.


Enrollment fee for self-learners: 0 €
This course is free for self-learners. Upon enrollment you get access to all classes.

Exam: 298 €
You may take the exam at any time.
The exam fee includes the online test and the final project.
Upon successful completion of the exam you will get the certificate (no extra charge).

Upgrade to guided course: 499 €
Upgrade to the guided course option to get

  • Assignments: Assignments serve to monitor your personal learning progress. They are checked by our online tutors, and you will get comprehensive feedback on each assignments including suggestions for improvements.
  • Personal support by online tutors: The tutors answer all questions, help you solve your problems and guide you through the course.
  • Certificate of Participation: You will get a Certificate of Participation listing all assignments and the duration and workload of the course.

Course Developers and Tutors

Marco Emrich

Marco Emrich
Course Developer and Tutor

Marco Emrich holds a degree in Computer Science. He is a passionate trainer and advocate of the software craftsmanship movement and has wide experience as a software architect and developer in a variety of sectors. Marco heads the Department of Web Engineering at The Open Web Learning Institute. He lectures regularly, holds workshops at leading software conferences and writes articles for technical journals. In his spare time, if he's not organizing meetings of the Softwerkskammer software craftsmanship community, you'll probably find Marco teaching his son how to program robot turtles.