OWL Institute Terms of Use

Last revision: 12/2015

I. Communication / Netiquette

For reasons of simplicity, we at OWL Institute use or first names or user names to communicate with each other.

II. Plagiarism

  1. It is not permissible to distribute solutions of submitted exercises.
  2. In case an OWL member submits an exercise or final paper verifiably constituting a plagiarism as defined below, his/her exercise or paper is deemed to have failed and will be awarded zero (0) points. We will not grant a repeat examination for any such exercise or paper submitted.
  3. Plagiarism means a situation where an OWL member submits an exercise and/or final paper that is wholly or partly identical or close to identical to one or several works of others and where such identical or close to identical passages have been copied without being designated accordingly, thus pretending it to be the own original work of the OWL member.

III. Prohibited Content

  1. Advertising of any kind will not be accepted.
  2. OWL members are not allowed to use the offer contained herein for illegal or criminal acts. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • trademark, competition and/or copyright law infringements,
    • pornographic or indecent contents,
    • violent contents,
    • contents advocating or inciting violent acts against natural or legal persons, institutions, companies, corporations and/or other organizations,
    • information on or links to illegal downloads, cracks and/or other illegal contents or activities,
    • defamatory, degrading and/or trade libelous statements or comments of any kind on natural or legal persons, companies, corporations, institutions or organizations, and
    • any other unlawful content.
  3. By operation of law, we are obliged to delete unlawful content as soon as we become aware of its existence.
  4. In case of any usage contrary to these Terms of Use, we may suspend or expel the OWL member concerned in our due discretion. Further damages shall remain unaffected.

IV. Indemnification

In case of any claim brought against us by Third Parties due to saved data, information, content, materials etc. made available by the OWL member or due to any other acts of the OWL member, he/she shall indemnify, protect and save us from and against all such claims and any costs (including all costs of legal defense) we incur due to the potential or actual infringement. This shall, however, not apply in cases where the OWL member cannot be held responsible for the infringement.

V. Limitation of Liability

  1. Our contractual and non-contractual liability shall be restricted to willful or negligent acts or omissions with the exception of breach of a material contractual obligation or damage to life, body or health. These limitations of liability shall also apply to our agents accordingly. Above limitations of liability shall, however, neither affect our liability under the German Product Liability Act nor our liability for warranties given.
  2. For technical reasons, the services offered by us are not intended or guaranteed to be available 100% of the time.

VI. Data Protection

  1. To the extent that a means for entering personal data exists, these data will be dealt with confidentially and in compliance with data protection law. Detailed data protection information can be found here.
  2. Personal data is only collected and used in so far as they are required for the structural formulation or settlement of the contractual relationship.
  3. The OWL member can at any time require information on filed personal data concerning his/her person. Furthermore, he/she may require that the filed personal data concerning his/her person be deleted, provided that the contractual relationship has been fully settled and that any such deletion of personal data is not contrary to legal retention requirements.

VII. Severability

In the event that one or more current of future provisions of this agreement shall be, or shall be deemed to be, fully or partly invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of this agreement or these Terms of Use shall not be affected thereby. Any such unenforceable provisions shall be deemed replaced by the legal stipulations.